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Williraye Farm is located in the picturesque farmland of Central Wisconsin. Williraye Farm is home to our family; My husband Tom, Me (head goat wrangler, milker and Mom all in one) Season Williraye and our two sons Brodie and Elwood. We are also parents to all sorts of animals: 4 dogs, cats, 3 potbellied pigs, a miniature horse, chickens and a llama; but the heart of our farm belongs to our Nigerian Dwarf and Miniature Nubian Goats. 

Early in 2003 we acquired our first goat from a friend that was moving and as they say... Goats are like potato chips, you can't have just one.  Right about the same time we invested in our next two goats we were blessed with our first son Brodie Wyatt. Almost exactily a year after that our second son Elwood Ashland was born. Elwood began to have several digestive issues with drinking cow milk and my research discovered that goats milk might help. Help it did and our obsession with goats milk started with two Nubian Does named Nell and Tess. They along with our Nigerian Dwarf Bucks Amadayus and Armageddon were the start of our breeding herd.  They were soon followed by our  Nigerian Dwarf Does: Chelsea, Atlantis, Monroe,  and Aphrodite. Years later goats milk made Elwoods issues no longer a problem but Brodie started having issues with his skin and eczema. I found that the soap that we were using was doing much more harm than good. Looking into eczema I found that goat milk soap might be able to help... and what did we have a lot of? Goat Milk! I made my first batch and a few weeks later Brodie was begining to heal. Now 5 years later he no longer has eczema. I have our goats milk to thank for making both of our boys healthier and happier.

Since goat milk soap made such a difference in our famliy, I started giving it away as gifts to friends and family. More and more people started asking for it and a buisness was born, Williraye Farm.

Several varities of goat milk soap. Find you favorite scent.

 All dairy goat only 1/3 the size.

Perfect goat for small hobby farms.

Check in to see all the kids and adults we have up for sale.

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