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Keepsake Kids Chelsea


Chelsea has proven to be a huge asset to our breeding program. She is a wonderful doe. She has consistantly had beautiful kids year after year with ease. She kids with out any issues or assistance. She also has been a great midwife to all of our other does. Since we bottle feed we rarely leave kids with their dams. However in the rare instance that we do she is the nany goat to those kids. A great protective instinct and an all over great goat.

Chelseas milk production is great. She consistantly produces over 2 pounds a day. Her bag is well attached and she is a fast and easy milker. Wonderful udder attachment and great teat placement.  For an 8 year old doe that isn't too shabby. She also was also the nany goat to one of our kids; along with being milked so that lowered the amount of milk she had this year.

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