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Dwarf Nigerians have great personalities. They make wonderful family pets, they are easy to handle even for small childen and older adults. They love their humans and can be trained just like dogs.  Our kids are highly involved in taking care of our herd which makes all the babies leaving the farm very kid (human) friendly.

Bucks and wethers.

Bucks are used for breeding. They are the reason people think goats are stinky. They have a definate smell around breeding season. They don't make the best pets because they have only one thing in mind, breeding.

Wethers in my opinion are a great option if your looking for a farm pet. They are castrated so they don't have any breeding urges and are all around an affectionate, sweet and fun farm pet.

Dwarf Nigerians small size makes them ideal pets. Their average knee height (from 17" to 23")  and weight of 75lbs and under. Makes them easy to house and they use less space then other larger goat breeds.

The color variety of nigerians is almost endless, which is a big reason why these small goats are so popular. Colors range from red, gold and black to chocolate white and tan. They can come in many shades and patterns. All of which are acceptable in the breed standards. 

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