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Sunshine Farad Honia Nell

Nell is a full blood Nubian doe. She and her half sister Tess were our first registered goats. She is our milk machine. Every day she produces upwards of 8lbs of milk if not more. 

When she kidded the first time we left the buckling with her. Bad idea, he only nursed off one side causing one side to continuously produce more milk than the other. I can not even imagine how much she would produce if both sides were even.

Sunshine Farad Tarnic Tess


Tess is something else, she has attached herself to our son Brodie. She loves him more than anything. He is the only one that she allows to lead her around without a fuss. She was a great milker when she had her two kids. We retained one of her kids Holly, who has proven to be an amazing little first generation mini nubian milk goat.


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