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Wild Geranium Hollow Treasure


Treasure was Atlantis's first doeling. Hence the name Treasure. She takes after her dam in almost every way. Her long low body and wide hind end makes kidding easy for her. She has produced one doeling ( Williraye Farm Pirate) She is also the first doe that we have allowed to keep their kid. We always bottle feed to keep the kids as friendly as possible. Pirate has proven to be just that. A little stinker, catching her to disbud and give shots has proven to be quiet a task.

Back to Treasure she is an amazing mother. We have not milked her since she is feeding Pirate but her bad looks identical to her dam Atlantis. I'm sure her milk production is very good as well. We shall see next year. Once again Pirate has proven to throw a wrench into our plans. Treasure kidded with twin bucklings and yet Pirate is still nursing. Treasure is proving to be a great milk goat even while still nursing.


Dam     Sire

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